At Brinker International, we’re no strangers to building restaurant brands. We already know how to make magic with burgers, ribs, fajitas, margaritas, pastas and homemade desserts. Our chefs at Chili’s and Maggiano’s work passionately to make the best food for our Guests, and it all starts in one place: the kitchen.

So we asked our chefs what they’d make if they had free reign to do anything. The only catch was that the food also had to be available through delivery, so it had to taste as good at your door as it tasted coming out of the kitchen. Our chefs’ answer? Use time-tested traditional methods of making chicken wings and combine them with some of the most out-of-this world sauces. Throw the curly fries in for free and leverage existing Chili’s and Maggiano’s kitchens and cooks to sell these killer wings as a pickup or delivery experience at truly stupid prices.

The result?

It’s Just Wings.


We're not going to use expensive packaging to drive up the cost of the order total. We know you can’t eat a commercial, so we don’t pay for them. We’re not even going to pay some influencer to go on Instagram and tell you how “genuinely” they love these wings. We don’t even put forks, knives and napkins in the bag: we figure you’d just as soon use your own instead of having us charge you extra.

We're just going to make delicious wings you can either pick up or have delivered through DoorDash, you don't have to do anything but enjoy them. And, maybe tell your friends since we're not paying for a ton of advertising, either.


We knew we could do wings deliciously, quick and without being pretentious. Our chefs took the three best ways to cook wings (smoked, fried and boneless) and combined them with 11 (and counting!) sauces and rubs so you’ll never get bored of the same old choices. And we gave you the choice to pick them up or get them delivered through DoorDash. That’s how you do killer wings at stupid prices. You decide if it was worth it.

no fork. no knives. no napkins. it’s just wings.

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